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[FIXED] Steam Games Have No Sound | Quickly & Easily

Dal View Profile View Posts. Has something happened regarding the In-Home Streaming in the last Steam patches? I have no sound anymore when streaming the Lara Croft - Temple of Osiris. I know for a fact that this has worked fine before. I have also tried Evolve, no sound there either. The Long Dark, on the other hand, works fine. Any tips? Showing 76 - 90 of 95 comments. Cuffs View Profile View Posts. I was having this issue too and tried everything except this.

After unplugging my corsair void headset from host pc my clients were finally getting audio. I solved my problem by unplugging my external usb sound card from host pc. Tasquizz View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Dal :. I have a corsair external USB headset for my sound The link works fine for the base interface and some games Shadow of Mordor, Lego, Gauntlet I don't want to have to keep unplugging my headphones to get sound downstairs, or change the default sound either.

Both are needless Sound settings in the game don't do anything. What changes where the machine is looking for sound in some games and not others?

How can I fix this in the games, not by unplugging hardware every time I want to play something on link rather than in-situ? Flyer View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by shintsu :. Does anybody have any solutions to this issue that aren't more than a year old?

For some reason I suddenly can't stream audio through Steam. Splashtop will do it just fine, even while Steam is streaming video, and it worked about a week ago so I have no idea what's going on here.

It seems like certain games, when streaming, crash the explorer. Restarting explorer will let it work with games that -don't- crash it, until you try to run one that does. Then it just crashes and fails again. It took me half a day to get Uplay working alone.As a technical writer at Driver Easy, I keep writing articles about solutions to some of the most common computer problems, including game crashes, blue screen of death, and driver failure.

Vivid visual and auditory experiences play important roles in the joy of gameplay. A muted game seems far less immersive — however excellent the graphics rendering is — as if it has lost part of its soul. Causes of the no-audio problem often boil down to software incompatibility, corrupted game files, or driver issues.

No matter what reason it might be, this post will have you covered. Fix 3: Uninstall conflicting software. If you see nothing there, simply search for the application in your Startup menu. When you successfully locate Steam, right-click on its icon and select Run as administrator. Very simple, right? Running Steam as administrator is just the first step. In this situation, you should launch it via Steam. If you want to run the game as administrator permanently, please complete the following procedure:.

There you go — now you just need to start the game and see whether your no-sound problem has been solved. If not, please move on to the next fix below.

How to Fix Audio in Max Payne Steam game Complete FIX repaired game humble bundle

If not, please proceed to the next method. If you happen to be using these apps, the only meaningful course is to uninstall them. After everything is complete, you can now launch the game to test if the audio has gone back to normal. If not, please try out the next fix. Sometimes a corrupt or outdated audio driver may lead to your no-sound issue in games. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it.

Driver Easy takes care of everything. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day money back guarantee :. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. If you encounter the no-sound problem shortly after you perform a Windows update, then you should consider rolling it back. Depending on different scenarios, you can take different actions accordingly:. You may restore your Windows 10 system to its previous version within 10 days since the last update.

Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the whole process. If your Get started option is grayed out as appeared in the screenshot abovethat means the last update took place more than 10 days ago. In this situation, you should try the next method to roll back Windows update.

Then click Uninstall updates this time. If so, move on to Way 3. Then hit the Get started button right below Reset this PC. If you have any follow-up questions or other fixes to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading! How to fix Steam games have no sound Causes of the no-audio problem often boil down to software incompatibility, corrupted game files, or driver issues.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Hi, The wierdest thing is happening. Everything else on my computer has audio: internet browser, spotify, other games not from Steam, even videos from the Steam store. I started noticing this after the Windows 10 April update.

I reinstalled the audio drivers but it didn't work. I reinstalled the Steam client and that didn't work. What I haven't done is restore my PC to the timeline before the April update but I wanted to check here first since it's only happening with Steam games. Showing 1 - 15 of 50 comments. Forcen View Profile View Posts. The spring update has a new control panel thing with audio output stuff, checked that thing? Right click the volume thing in windows and click audio settings and then click the additional sound setting thing, called app volume or something?

It lets you pick the output device, could be the issue. EDIT: If you right click the volume icon again and click the top option, can you see game in that list and see that it is making sound? Last edited by Forcen ; 28 May, pm. Originally posted by Forcen :. I ran all of my installed games and some games have audio and some don't. Perhaps is a DirectX thing. Now to figure this out. Thanks for the help.

That's real odd. I would google around if I were you. If you solve it then update the thread so others might find it also. Originally posted by Zick Boy :. So I fixed it by doing a System Restore. That put my PC to the version before the April update. Its all good now. Defenitely Microsoft messed up.The standard of accommodation was excellent, for me the best experience was sleeping in the national park, however every single hotel was wonderful.

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How to fix no sound problem in Steam games

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steam game no sound

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steam game no sound

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steam game no sound

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steam game no sound

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