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No covers! Add one, maybe? Callum is alone in the States applying for a job as an engineer when the world changes forever. In an event called the Emergence he is changed into a creature of legend known throughout many ancient cultures, the trickster fox. Follow Kalia as she descends into villainhood, becoming the greatest thief in Penrith city, outwitting heroes and villains alike!

This story has both Cuteness and Heartache, so if that's not your thing, I'm sorry :. Also contains the temporary death of a side character, which is apparently something I need to warn people about.

Also, I should tell you that this is only one story of an expanded universe that my friends and I are writing in. There is two other stories currently being written, including one that will play an important role later on.

We'll see if they upload here too. Kammi Kettu In watch list: [saved]. Description: [edit] [history]. Originally wrote this story on a different site, but I'm trying out royal road.

List Stats: Not on anyone's reading list. Demographic: [edit] [history]. Type: [edit] [history]. Web-Novel Light-Novel Novel. Author s : [edit] [history]. Tags: [edit] [history]. Genres: [edit] [history].No covers! Add one, maybe? Got a problem with an Emerged human? Worried that your lover is cheating on you with someone with superpowers? Has someone in your life been the victim of negligent heroics and you don't know who to blame? Call Johanna Redd, Penrith Cities only private investigator that deals primarily with Emerged individuals.

You won't regret it, but they sure will. Set two years after the opening events of Kammi Kettu, see how the world has changed since it was shaken up by the appearance of superpowered individuals. Characters from Kammi Kettu and Songbird do show up, but this is also its own thing. The Kammi Kettu universe was created by QuietValerie.

I just have the fun of bringing my mess of a character into the mix. Description: [edit] [history]. List Stats: Not on anyone's reading list. Demographic: [edit] [history]. Type: [edit] [history]. Web-Novel Light-Novel Novel.

kammi kettu

Author s : [edit] [history]. Tags: [edit] [history].

Intha Nan Makklu Dinakke 4 Jana Bandre Nam Gathi Harohara- Halu Sakkare-Comedy Scene-1

Genres: [edit] [history]. Last Update:. Alternate Names: [edit] [history].No covers! Add one, maybe? Cyrus Sutton, an ex-engineer at a luxury car firm in England is struck by the Emergence shortly after being fired from his job. Changed into a Cyborg with Psionic powers, emotionally unstable, jobless, and with a growing distrust of the authorities.

Kettu ajokoira

Under the alias Eunos. Cy is set to wreak havoc on the town and governmental systems hellbent to bring her under their control. This is set in the same Universe as QuietValerie's Kammi Kettu and as such works under the same ideals and laws as her and all the other authors works, I hope you enjoy it! Eyes of Eunos - a Kammi Kettu story In watch list: [saved]. Description: [edit] [history].

List Stats: Not on anyone's reading list. Demographic: [edit] [history]. Type: [edit] [history]. Web-Novel Light-Novel Novel. Author s : [edit] [history]. Tags: [edit] [history]. Genres: [edit] [history]. Last Update:. Alternate Names: [edit] [history]. Eyes of Eunos - a Kammi Kettu story. Homepage: [edit] [history]. Releases found: 19 Add a release. Novels Series.Sometimes even further along in time, you may look back fondly at this moment and how the changes that started here changed your life for the better, that the pain was worth it.

For me this moment was a monday. The twenty-eighth of Novemberthe night of the first Emergence and the day my life came crumbling down.

I had been walking aimlessly for what felt like hours and I still didn't know where I should or even could go. Cars zipped by as I made my way through endless suburbia on foot; a lone young adult like myself raised little concern.

You know those little suburban streets filled with neat rows of houses on their own plots of land with their private gardens, driveways with parked cars and lush trees lining the road, their branches interlocking and casting shade over the road? Oh and not a comfortable shadow worth its shade in sight. My throat was parched, my feet were sore and I was starting to get hungry. All I had were the clothes on my back, ten precious dollars burning a hole in my pocket and an increasing number of blisters.

My misfortune had started earlier today when I had used my free period to head home from school early. Well… Ok I might have to go back earlier than that and explain for this all to make sense. I guess it all started years ago when I was found wrapped in swaddling in a cardboard dvd player box, round the rear of a hospital. The state handled it like they always do, with minimal effort. I was an unnamed John Doe and after a lazy attempt was made to try and identify the parents, I was given the name John D Smith, without even a drop of effort or imagination and placed into the system.

I then drifted through the system for the next seven years. Stays in orphanages and temporary foster parents, never staying in one place for more than a year. The experience of being a foster kid is often more like a parcel that has been bounced for so long between zip codes that has long since lost sight of its destination, than the childhoods of other children. Eventually after a few rounds of being returned by foster parents, you closed off your heart and retreated away from others. When I was young, growing up in this machine, I would often find a dark quiet space to hide, away from others.

Especially when I felt bad. It was almost like a comforting stillness, a warm blanket, or a friend that helped you hide. To this day I'll never understand how or why the Andersons became my foster parents, but there mustn't have been thorough background checks. Looking back on it, it was likely influenced by whatever conspiracy theory they were following at the time, but I bet the fortnightly government checks sweetened the deal.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention my foster parents were massive conspiracy nuts! Name a bigoted conspiracy and they probably followed it. They were borderline neonazis, the only reason they hadn't joined a militia or Waco'ed with a cult, was because they switched conspiracies like others change underpants. If you can name a conspiracy, I can guarantee they likely followed it at one point.

kammi kettu

Sometimes seeing how other kids internalise their parents beliefs, I think back on how lucky I was to not end up like them. Gag, eww! School always kept me grounded and prevented their beliefs from completely rubbing off on me. That was the heart of why I had run away from home, at 16 I refused to drop out and it had been a source of conflict since.

I was almost 18 now, not far off graduating with my high school diploma and I had big plans. Big plans I was working hard for. Since I was 15 years old and faking parental permission, I had slowly been building a small nest egg under the floorboards of my room. Several nights a week I spent flipping burgers and on weekends I worked at Walmart.No covers!

Add one, maybe? Finding himself kicked out of his foster parents' home on the night of the Emergence, John Doe Smith doubted even his luck could get any worse. Now irrevocably changed by the Emergence into what many see as a monster, the newly dubbed Wraith must now deal with the consequences of her new powers in an unfriendly world. This story is set in the universe of QuietValerie's Kammi KettuI have been working with her on this.

Echoing Valerie:. Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story In watch list: [saved]. Description: [edit] [history]. List Stats: Not on anyone's reading list. Demographic: [edit] [history]. Type: [edit] [history]. Web-Novel Light-Novel Novel. Author s : [edit] [history]. Tags: [edit] [history]. Genres: [edit] [history].

Last Update:. Alternate Names: [edit] [history].

kammi kettu

Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story. Homepage: [edit] [history]. Releases found: 27 Add a release. Novels Series. Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 9: Sunlight. Arc 1: In the Darkness, Chapter 8: Discovery. Arc 1: In the Darkness, Chapter 5: Chocolate. Author's note: Discontinuing updates on Royalroad.

Chronology of story's in Quietvalerie's kammiverse.Tuikkuteline Kettu. HuntSteel tuikkuteline ajokoira ja kettu. Erinomainen lahjaidea 1. Uudenmaan Ajokoirayhdistyksen Vuoden Ajokoira ja Vuoden kettukoira. Tasapisteiden sattuessa voittajan ratkaisee kauden korkein ajokokeiden tulos tai kettu ajokokeiden. A fox and a hound, playin' together. Leva tells me you've been eyeing. Kammi Kettu. Start Reading. Check out ajokoira96's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

Gin - are you my dad. Community group. Issaquah Sund Iisakki. Omistajan mukaan kettu on ihastunut koiraa Listen to Ajokoira SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. Otsikko: Ajokoira.

Kuvaus: Et sitten ota Lovecraftin tarinoita as Want to Read We'd love your help. Let us know what's wrong with this preview of Ajokoira ja muita H.

Lovecraftin tarinoita by Tanabe. Uneton ajokoira.

29: Epilogue (Book One)

Paperiton ok. Bardzo dobry kontakt ze sklepem i. She's more comfortable in armour but whatever goes.Group Scribble Hub [edit] [history]. Scribble Hub. A Bard's Poetics A bear cub can survive? A Former Hero's Journey : I just want to live peacefully!! All I wanted was to live my life Peacefully, How the heck did it end up like this!?

A system in a Fantasy world!

Kammi Kettu

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